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A COVID-19 camera essential to your LIVE stream production

Canon 3667C002 VIXIA HF G50, shoots very clear video and is easy to use. It can also be used to broadcast live online through software like Ecamm.

Purchase this camera as an upgrade to your church/ministry livestream. Instant major upgrade in picture quality. 81% of purchaser are very happy they bought this camera.

The image quality is amazing. It's lightweight, easy to operate, the stabilization is very good needing almost no processing.

Canon 3667C002 VIXIA HF G50 is fairly easy to use. It does not have too many buttons on the outside, most controls are placed on 3” LCD touchscreen. You can go through settings with touch panel or the joystick located on the outside of the camera body. Yes, there is a mini joystick, left-right-up-down and set button in the middle for those who do not wish to look away. It also has five customizable buttons you can assign to favourite features so you don’t have to browse through settings.

I named this blog " A covid-19 camera essential" because if you have been doing livestream with a lower end camera, upgrading to this camera will allow viewers to stay longer during your broadcast due to better image quality.

Here’s what the Canon 3667C002 VIXIA HF G50 camera is about:

  • 4K UHD 30p recording

  • Genuine canon 4k-compatible 20x optical zoom lens and wide 29.3mm Angle of view*

  • Advanced full HD

  • Intelligent 5-axis image stabilization

  • Digic dv 6 image processor


You can buy this camera in amazon!

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