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Ready to go pro!

Canon XA11 Pro Camcorder Kit Build quality is an A+ It feels solid and not cheaply made. Video quality is also A+. You will absolutely love the videos that come out of this thing! Easy to use settings layout they have going on. It's pretty simple and easy to understand. The touch screen is good. It's responsive and doesn't lag.

The Cannon Xa11 Pro it features the best auto-video-stabilization in the mid-range camcorder game. If you'll be shooting on the move, this is the camera for you.

This is a professional quality instrument that delivers on all promises. Beautifully clear video with great sound recording. Easy and fun to use. It's compact with all the pros features!

It will definitely take your online livestream to a new level. It's a great investment worth buying.

About the Canon Xa11 Pro

NOTE: This is the best effective camera to create best HD videos.

  • Genuine Canon 20x High definition optical zoom lens

  • Full HD 1920x1080 recording capabilities

  • Advanced HD CMOS Pro image sensor with impressive low-light performance

Here are more pictures.

Buy it at amazon.

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